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Nope, I'm not part of the anonymous group but I write this blog the alias of Robert.


That's so I can still secure a job in the industry while revealing sneaky tricks of the trade!

Blogging about the World of Online Estate Agents

By Robert, Apr 29 2015 12:00AM

You've decided to use an online estate agent which will help you save thousands. Good on you. But a word of warning, dont skimp of some of the things that make the critical difference. Namely, professional photography.

When working at estate agents, the key factor that would differentiate how much interest there was in a property were the pictures.

Professional photography can completely transform the look of an otherwise dull home. So make sure you choose this extra when working with your agent. Your iPhone camera will not suffice.

By Robert, Apr 24 2015 12:00AM

The low costs of startup and massive growth potential has led to a boom in the number of online estate agents out there.

Increased competition is almost always a good thing for the consumer. However, it can also be a little confusing with so many platforms offering so many different things. From with and without VAT, to 10s of optional extras and so much more.

Thankfully a few sites have put together useful comparisons of online estate agents. HOA have a neat PDF guide and Trusted Agents are solely focused on comparing all of the online estate agents out there.

That should help you make the right decision. But whoever you decide to go with, just make sure it isn't a traditional estate agent! ;)

By Robert, Apr 21 2015 10:54AM

As you probably know if you're reading this, I think online estate agents are awesome and the way forward. However, there's one big sticking point - the upfront fee.

That's why traditional agents still have traction - people only pay if the property sells. They like that. Paying upfront just feels a little wrong. Even if you are offered a money back guarantee.

BUT the one site that has got this right are Purple Bricks. That's why they're the biggest site out there, have attracted millions in funding and are growing at a crazy pace. If more online estate agents were to do this, it would really benefit the industry and consumer.

Just my 2 pence...

By Robert, Mar 19 2015 06:12PM

The estate agents industry is one of the last to be really shaken up by the Internet. Surprisingly so. But it looks like that time has come and from visiting many traditional estate agents on a regular basis, whenever I bring up the topic of online estate agents there is usually clear fear / resentment or both.

And you can understand why - online estate agents have the ability to transform the industry. Truth be told, traditional agents charge crazy amounts for relatively little work. Something an online estate agent does for a fraction of the cost.

As many predict, I agree that in a few years from now online estate agents will gain massive market share. In 10 years from now, some estate agents will disappear as a direct result of this competition.

What traditional estate agents should really do (apart from being scared), is start becoming more competitive. Offer fixed priced plans. Cap their fees. And more. Otherwise, traditional estate agents will surely face a quick death.

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